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Yes you can eat - and other tips for incoming Omaha Players!!!

The 4th of July has come and gone, summer training is moving along and players and parents start looking forward to the beginning of another hockey season!!!

For some players the 2018-19 season will mark a new phase in their hockey career - they will be playing hockey away from home for the first time and they will be living with a Billet or Host family!!!

Living away from home for the first time can be a very stressful experience for both players and parents. So what can be done to make this the smoothest transition as possible?

Billet families are a unique group of caring, giving, supportive and fun hockey loving people. They open their homes and their hearts so that hockey players can develop and chase their athletic dreams. They will become your biggest cheerleaders and offer you a soft place to land on some of the tougher days.

I interviewed our wonderful Billet Families at Omaha AAA to get some tips and tricks for players that will be making the move to Omaha this fall!

When you first get to Omaha you will be on a steep learning curve, meeting your new coaches, your new teammates, new school, new arena and your BILLET FAMILY!!!

The number one thing that the families wanted to you to know is that when you move to Omaha prepare to become FAMILY!!! Your billet family house will become your home and you should treat it as such!!!

Here are a few other things to know before your arrival:

. Be able to do a load of laundry

. Be able to clean your bathroom and know how to keep your room tidy and pick up after yourself.

. Be able to pack your own bag for hockey road trips

. Be a good communicator.

. Know how to make a simple meal for yourself (i.e. pasta, scrambled eggs etc).

. If you have clothes that need to be dry cleaned - make sure you know how that process works. :)

Learning these simple skills will come in handy when are you living away.

Once you arrive:

Your Billet family wants you to be part of their "family". This means following family rules and traditions, spending time together and sharing your hockey experience with them. Billet family relationships are ones that will last for your life!!!

Below are some quotes from current Billet families of some things that they would like you to know ...

"Be part of the family. Our home is a home not a hotel. Let us know how you are doing and how your day is going. We are excited to have you join our family".

"Be honest with the groceries (meals, snacks, gatorade) that you like!"

"Clean rooms before heading out for tournaments"

"Discuss best method of communication - text, call, social media, etc"

"Always let your billets know when you make it to a tournament !!! (How you played, etc as well)"

"Treat your billet house like your home - don't be afraid to grab a snack if you are hungry"

"Communicate and let us know if you won't be home for dinner"

"Communicate and let us know when your bus will arrive later than expected after a road trip"

Billet families want you to be comfortable and successful while you are in Omaha. They are excited to watch you on your hockey journey and cheer you along as you go! We will see you all soon as you make your way to Omaha this fall!!!

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