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What to Pack, Dates to Know and WHO IS MY BILLET ...

As you have all been getting organized and planning for the trek to Omaha I have been receiving some calls/texts on what to bring along and questions about school and player gear. I

thought that it might be helpful to shoot a little info your way to aid you with your planning and relieve some stress :)

1. School:

  • If you played for Omaha AAA Hockey Club last season you would have filled out your 2017-18 school paperwork prior to the end of the school year. You will be ready to go on the first day of school. If you need to drop/add a course you will be able to do that the first week of school.

  • If you are a new player for Omaha AAA Hockey Club you would have received a school packet and submitted it

to the school. If you have not done this please contact me ASAP.

  • Please contact Carrie Anne Wilkie with any questions or concerns.

2. Omaha AAA U18 and U16 Travel Dress Code:

  • Shirt and Tie to all games unless otherwise designated by the coaching staff.

  • Dress pants (absolutely no jeans) to games.

  • Team Jacket to games.

  • Dress code during team travel on the bus is casual.

  • Suit not required!!!

3. Important Dates to Remember:

  • Player report date/Billet Move in Date: August 19th, 2017

  • MANDATORY school meeting: August 20st, 2017 at time TBD

  • MANDATORY Player and parent meeting at Moylan IcePlex: August 20st, 2017 at time TBD


I saved the best til last ......I know that this is the most stressful item for everyone on their list and believe me I get it!!!

I want to assure you that you will have an amazing billet experience while you are in Omaha.

To ensure that you have the best experience possible it takes careful time and consideration on our part while assigning our players to our families.

We consider special requests, allergies, transportation, age, player position, team played on, family make up (i.e. are they use to having older or younger siblings? are they an only child? Do they have and like pets?) and we work VERY hard to match the personalities of the players that may live together with the personalities of the families that they are assigned to.

We truly understand that player performance on the ice is a reflection of their life off the ice. We want them to be comfortable, happy and have an amazing billet experience. We take our billet assignments very seriously!!!

Having said all that I know that this is INCREDIBLY stressful and nerve wracking!!! I will try my very best to get all the information to you all as QUICKLY as I can on your player's placement. I would like you all to have the opportunity to talk to your billet family and plan with them prior to your Omaha arrival so that you can add any last minute items to your packing if needed and leave any unnecessary items at home!!!

I truly appreciate your patience with this!!! As I am working on packing our own children and preparing for them heading off to their own adventures in a few weeks - I can COMPLETELY relate to your experience.

Try to enjoy every minute!!! I know that it seems far off - but I promise when December arrives you won't believe how quickly the season goes and the rate of development of your player will be awesome and fun to watch!!! It goes by very fast and there is nothing better then watching your child reach for their dreams!!!

Please as always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns!!!

See you all VERY soon!!! Happy Packing!!!

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